Show Details

The showcase is being held at The Willow Event Cnter”. 7881 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45239

  • Masks will be required per the state mandate for anyone ages 10 and up. Dancers 10 and older are not required to wear them on stage but must wear them when not on stage.
  • ARRIVAL – We ask that dancers arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime to check in. Upon arrival every dancer/parent will get a quick explanation of the show and what they need to do. You will be able to drop off any items in the dressing room area and then the dancer will stay with you until showtime.
  • When choosing seats for your party, please keep an extra seat for your dancer to sit with you during the show.
  • DURING THE SHOW – Dancers will stay with their parents throughout the show. We will let parents and dancers when it’s time to line up for the stage. When we take them to go on the stage, the parent will sit in the audience to watch. After their performance, they will help them change and then the dancer can sit with their family in the audience until they are ready to go on stage again.
  • AFTER THE SHOW – We do ask that everyone stay for the duration of the show so that the dancers on stage are not distracted with people walking in and out of the venue constantly. After the show dancers can pose for pictures on stage and at our various photo spots at the venue.
  • The shows are shorter to limit the number of people in the venue at once. We will not have an intermission, but we may take several pauses to help social distance traffic patterns and to allow dancers time to change their costumes.
  • We will still have flowers for purchase in limited quantities. We will have bottled water available but no snacks this year.
  • After each show we will be wiping down all the chairs and the bathrooms will be cleaned before the next group arrives.
  • We will have several photo areas setup for dancers and families to take pictures before and after the show.

Show Program

This years program will be all digital due to the current COVID safety measures. We will have monitors set up at the venue to display to order of the show.  You can download the program here: PROGRAM

Video Order

Those participating in the performance package will receive a digital downalod of the entire show. If you did not participate in the package and wish to purchase the digital video download please fill out the order form: VIDEO FORM

LIVE Stream

All of the shows will be live streamed on our website below: