Intensive classes are geared towards dancers looking to advance their technique, tricks, style, and overall dance experience. These classes are the same ones that our award winning dance team members are required to take. Most classes are open to any students looking for more intensive training.

Placement in classes is determined by the teaching staff. Some classes are based on age and others are based on abilities. Dancers may be asked to attend a “placement” class to determine their proper placement. These classes are marked below, please call for placement info.

Ballet Classes | Age 5+ | 60-120 minute class based on level
The core of any dancers technique and knowledge. All of our Ballet classes are taught by renowned instructors with extensive resumes. Classes will focus on Barre work, Floor work, and Proper Technique. Placement in these classes is determined by ability and dancers must participate in a “placement” class.

Required attire is Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet shoes for girls and White Shirt, Black Pants, Black/White Ballet Shoes for boys. All hair must be worn up, preferable in a bun.

Pointe Classes | Invitation Only
These classes are designed for our more advanced Ballet dancers by invitation/audition only. Please call for more details.

Barre Classes | Age 9+ | 45 minute class
Barre classes will focus on Ballet strengthening, with a primary focus on Barre work. We like to call this the Boot Camp for Ballet.

Technique Classes| Age 5+ | 60-120 minute class
Designed for dancers looking to improve their overall technique. Each class will focus on three distinct topics to improve a dancers overall technique. Jazz Technique will focus on across the floor work and a distinct movement style. Lyrical Technique will expand the scope of dance and allow dancers to bring out there emotions and smoother movements. Leap/Turns will focus on the special skills to get the dancer to the next level. Placement in these classes is determined by ability and dancers must participate in a “placement” class.

‘Open’ Style Classes | Age 9+ | 45 minute class
This class is designed to introduce dancers to different styles of dance. Each week dancers will learn skills/combinations in different genres Some of the styles that will be focused on are Jazz Funk, Commercial Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and Improve just to name a few.

Leaps & Turns Classes | Age 5+ | 45 minute class
These classes will solely focus on special skills that a dancer is looking to accomplish. Teachers will guide the dancers and help them reach the next level they are looking for.

Acro/Tumlbing Classes | Age 4+ | 30-60 minute classes
Our Acro/Tumbling classes focus on the skills that would cross over into dance. This includes contortions, floor work, tumbling passes, and more. Placement in these classes is determined by ability and dancers must participate in a “placement” class.

Conditioning Classes | Age 9+ | 45 minute class
Conditioning classes are designed to build the stamina and overall strength of a dancer.

A Better Experience at Emerge

  • Each class is taught by an experienced instructor that specializes in the specific style of dance being taught. Although our teachers have a wide range of experience we make sure that they are the experts in their specialized style.

Intensive classes are always open for registration. Dancers can pay a drop-in rate per class or pay monthly and save on multiple classes.

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