Welcome to Emerge, my name is Alex, Owner/Director of the studio. I started my career in dance at the very early age of three. From the beginning I remember having a passion for wanting to perform on stage and I am so happy that I get to share that passion to this day. Being part of the studio always meant more to me than just performing. Growing up in the studio I truly felt like I had a second family and created long lasting friendships.Β  My goal from the beginning was to create a studio where dancers would be able to learn from the best, create lasting memories, and develop a β€œdance family” of their own.

Alex Herrmann
Alex HerrmannStudio Owner/Director

Meet the Lead Instructors

Tami Snodgrass
Tami SnodgrassRecreation Dance Director / Team Instructor
Jamie Cobb
Jamie CobbTeam Instructor
Kelly Bayalan
Kelly BayalanRecreation Instructor
Shannon Stringer
Shannon StringerTeam Instructor
Kristen Brewer
Kristen BrewerAcro/Tumbling Program Lead/Recreation Instructor
Kayleigh Hummeldorf
Kayleigh HummeldorfTeam Instructor
Kevin Bell
Kevin BellBallet Instructor
Becca Laug
Becca LaugRecreation Instructor
Lauren Pabst
Lauren PabstAcro/Tumbling Instructor
Mandy Mueller
Mandy MuellerRecreation Instructor
Jess Boston
Jess BostonAcro/Tumbling Instructor
Molly Schuester
Molly SchuesterRecreation Instructor
Kacey Willis
Kacey WillisTeam Instructor
Randi Stanley
Randi StanleyRecreation Instructor
Jacquelyn Dove
Jacquelyn DoveRecreation Instructor
Chelsea Lakeberg
Chelsea LakebergRecreation Instructor
Madi Smith
Madi SmithRecreation Instructor
Peyton Snodgrass
Peyton SnodgrassRecreation/Team Instructor
Natalie Arkle
Natalie ArkleRecreation Instructor

Meet our Assistant Instructors

Olivia Adelsperger
Olivia AdelspergerJr. Assistant
Charolette Cremering
Charolette CremeringJr. Assistant
Mady Cremering
Mady CremeringJr. Assistant
Kylie McCurry
Kylie McCurryJr. Assistant
Kirsten Mueller
Kirsten MuellerJr. Assistant
Brooke Siciliano
Brooke SicilianoJr. Assistant
Rylee Snodgrass
Rylee SnodgrassJr. Assistant
Ella Steimle
Ella SteimleJr. Assistant
Brooklynn Stanley
Brooklynn StanleyJr. Assistant
Hailey Wachtel
Hailey WachtelJr. Assistant

Meet our Admin Team Members

Amanda Adelsperger
Amanda AdelspergerOffice Staff
Pam Kinross
Pam KinrossOffice Staff
Dana Kleinholz
Dana KleinholzSocial Media Manager
Stevie Landrum
Stevie LandrumOffice Staff
Jen Loftus
Jen LoftusMarketing Manager
Emily Sayre
Emily SayreOffice Staff
Melanie Siciliano
Melanie SicilianoOffice Staff
Brandi Voegle
Brandi VoegleOffice Staff

Meet our Guest Instructors and Choreographers

In Memorandum - Sam Cobb
In Memorandum - Sam CobbInstructor/Choreographer
Lindsay Lancaster
Lindsay LancasterInstructor/Choreographer
Parker Hall
Parker HallChoreographer
Kelsey Rose Young
Kelsey Rose YoungInstructor
Shane Ohmer
Shane OhmerInstructor
Katie Dirr
Katie DirrInstructor
Courtney Dang
Courtney DangInstructor/Choreographer
Jillian Krekel
Jillian KrekelInstructor
Judd Gibbs
Judd GibbsInstructor/Choreographer